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Largest supersonic aircraft in the world (Tu-160)

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Largest “swan”: the length of 54 m; the equipped mass of 267 tons, maximum takeoff weight – 275 tons Wingspan with the minimum sweepback (20 degrees) – 57,7 m, with the intermediate (35 degrees) – 50,7 m, with the maximum (65 degrees) – 35,6 m

Largest supersonic aircraft in the world. Most terrible bomber, capable of bearing cruise missiles. And the most graceful weapon. We examine Tu-160 from all sides. According to the classification of NATO, these strategic bombers bear name “black Jack” (but on American slang – “bludgeon”). However, our pilots baptized them “white swans” – and this greater it is similar to the truth. In spite of terrible armament and staggering power, supersonic Tu-160 is surprisingly elegant.

Each of them – piece and very expensive product. During entire history were built only 35 such aircraft, and in their soundness it remained that less. But they – the present pride of Russia and the thunderstorm of its enemies.

Bomber became “our answer” to the American program AMSA (Advanced Of manned Of strategic Of aircraft – “developed manned strategic aircraft”), within the framework which was developed  B -1 Of lancer, and by the answer to remarkable. Practically according to all characteristics Tu-160 they substantially anticipate their basic competitors – American Lancer’ OV. The speed “of swans” is higher 1,5 times, so is more a combat radius and maximum flying distance. The engine thrust is more powerful almost doubly. And are already in no way maintained comparison with them much less successful “the invisible” B -2 Of spirit, with construction of which in the favor of low observability was brought it seems everything, which is only possible, including load capacity, the stability of flight and its distance.

After the collapse of the USSR those locating in the presence Tu-160 were divided between the republics. 19 of them, that were being been based on the air base 84- GO of guard bomber air regiment in Prilukakh, were reached to the Ukraine. Eight of them transmitted to Russia on account debts for the gas, and rest were simply sawn (last Ukrainian “swan” it was converted into the museum, and it is possible to visit in Poltava).






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