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Cheat Empire Earth 2 - PC

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While in game, hit enter to bring up the chat box, then enter one of the cheats below. They aren't case sensitive

idontcheatDisables all Cheat Codes
taxesSubtract 100 of each resource
punishInflict 20 points of damage on selected unit
convertConvert selected unit
recharge meInstant recharge power for selected unit
toggle fogToggle the fog of war on\off
sea monkeysToggle instant build on\off
epoch upAdvance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements
give techAdd 50 technology points
play godGod Mode on\off (Your Units and Building should take no damage)
icheatEnable Cheats
LootAdd 10,000 of each resource
WinWin current scenario
ReinforcementsGives an additional 100 troops

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