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WinZip Professional v15

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Download WinZip Professional v15

WinZip Professional v15.5.9579 is one of the most flexible and robust compression utilities around, A Zip file is a convenient way to package photos and other files before sending them. Not only can related files be put in one package. The new password policy allows you to customize encryption password requirements to achieve a desired password complexity. 

WinZip Pro also opens more archive and disk image formats than ever, including RAR, BZ2, CAB, LHA, Z, GZ, TAR, 7Z, UUE, XXE, BinHex, Mime, and ZIP files. WinZip Pro makes it easier than ever to work with Zip files and other popular archive formats and adds functionality to improve performance for both home- and corporate users. WinZip will now compress your JPEG files (digital photos or graphic images) by 20 to 25% and still without any loss of photo quality or data integrity. Now you can send photos faster or fit more on your hard drive and removable media than ever before. 

The new time-saving Zip from Camera Wizard in WinZip Pro makes it easy to transfer photos from your digital camera and compress them in a Zip file. New users can walk through the process step-by-step while experienced users may prefer the streamlined, one-step approach. When zipping from cameras that support orientation tags, WinZip even “auto-rotates” your photos before compressing them so they are correctly oriented in the Zip file. Now with WinZip’s enhanced Send feature, it is simple to share your photos directly from WinZip.


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